The notes in this folder are more temporary in nature. I’m not sure what I’m doing with this folder yet and if they will continue to exist, or not. See My Decision to Stop Blogging for my exploration of this topic.

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  • Now, 3 March 2024

    I’ve been quieter than usual here and on the socials. A few weeks ago I came across the Johnny Decimal system for filing and that has taken me down more than one rabbit hole. Fundamentally, it’s been a major exercise in organising digital information and finding a long-term sustainable way to do so that works.

    • Discovering Johnny.Decimal

      This evening I’ve been reading through the documentation on the Johnny.Decimal system. It’s a method for organising documentation across multiple areas and categories. It’s not the only system of this type. I’ve looked at, and tried quite a few. As times and tools change, organisation structures change with them.

    • eBook Gardening

      I’m almost as divorced from Goodreads as I can be. I think I’ll always have some tie to it because of the Kindle. There are only about a dozen books left for me to process. As far as possible, all my eBooks are now sitting in ePub format within Calibre and there are placeholders for any Audiobooks, printed books or books I’ve read for which I don’t have an eBook.

      • Cleaning TV Rubbish Out of the Garden

        This morning I looked at my Obsidian graph and saw an entry for The Crown that had a lot of missing notes attached to it. I’ve not written any notes about The Crown so it should not have shown prominently in the graph. It turns out that I had inadventently broken my rule of Don’t Duplicate Public Knowledge.

      • Now, 3 January 2024

        Today marks two weeks on leave, and I still have more than a week to go. It wasn’t until yesterday that I felt truly relaxed. That’s 13/23 days in compared to 16/17 last year and the resulting burnout. Planning for the year has had me investigating philosophy and this morning I had an ephphany re My First Steps as a Philosopher and how it’s directly tied to my daily job.

        • Now, 21 December 2023

          I’ve started my Christmas holidays a couple of days early due to some extremely good planning on my part that means: I don’t have any more work that I need to do Anything that I could do, I don’t have the mental capacity for So, with a cuppa in hand and Kylie Minogue blasting Christmas tunes on the stereo I’m scanning Family Album 17.

        • Now, 11 December 2023

          Christmas and the end of the work year are upon us. Last year my mental state was poor though I didn’t fully realise that until after the holidays. I wrote R U OK at Christmas not realising it was for me more than anyone else. This year I’m in a much better position. Tired and in need of a break, but from the work and not the mental stress.

          • Now, 22 October 2023

            It’s been an interesting month. I’ve been slowly transferring notes into the Digital Garden from multiple sources. Certainly, the system I have in place now is much better for me to manage. Single points of truth, all interlinked. Old blog posts have been deleted for not being relevant, combined because over time there is a single idea across multiple points, or posted as is.

            • Welcome to the Garden

              It has taken a few weeks and now The Quantum Garden is open to all visitors. I’ve learned a lot along the way as I moved from Wordpress to Quartz including: Revisiting what I thought a Digital Garden is Plenty of Typescript and Javascript Some about how I think of my knowledge Bottom line. Of all the versions of websites and blogs I’ve had in the past, this time it finally feels done and I can focus on learning and content.

              • Reflecting on the Last Few Weeks

                I am awake. For a little under 6 weeks now I’ve been sleeping with a CPAP machine every night and it has made a significant difference to my mental awareness. I felt the change the first morning and half way through the second week I was at work wondering why everyone was thinking so slowly! My attention has been everywhere.

              • Finally, a Coronation

                Ever since I first understood kings, queens and coronations I’ve wanted to see one in my lifetime. Of course it did mean someone had to die first but that is honestly part of the wonder of it all. I must say that I was expecting more usurpers and armies marching on London from what I’ve read in books and seen in the movies.