Today I spent some time playing the original Resident Evil. Games have evolved since 1996 in many more ways than graphics alone. To me it felt a lot like the text adventure Zork I with graphics. The storytelling structure and gameplay is highly similar between the two. There isn’t enough there to keep me going and I’ve already deleted it.

I played Resident Evil 4 on the Nintendo Wii console in 2007 as a third-person shooter. It was the first survival horror game I ever played. Quite a different experience and more what I was expecting of the original having known nothing about it before.

I have Resident Evil 7 downloaded and ready to play and soon I hope to be able to play Resident Evil Village on Playstation VR2. That will be quite a different experience again.

Franchise books don’t change format. Franchise movies may improve the graphics but tend to be similar in structure over time. Only gaming can give you such a difference in experience over the generations.