The behaviour and decisions in my life are made in accordance with this mission statement; the essence of which is grounded in the principles of truth, beauty, goodness and unity.

  • I help people take powerful action to enrich their lives.
  • I am responsible for my feelings, attitude and actions at all times.
  • I treat all others with respect, dignity, love and integrity; as I expect to be treated myself.
  • I draw on an internal well of fortitude to give strength to myself and others in time of need.
  • I inspire and lead through example.
  • I leave each day a better person than I entered it. As a scholar of life I continually learn and improve myself. Where I lack wisdom or knowledge I seek it out.
  • My family and friendships enrich my life. I do all that I may to enrich theirs.
  • I lead a virtuous life.