I’m conscious as I head into a period of more writing that my note taking isn’t very good, or at least my note viewing after I take them.

I think I take reasonable notes. I’ve had a focus on the The NoMa Method which has improved my not taking, when I remember to do so.

Notes are filed well. Notes will link using forward and backlinks in Obsidian.

What I don’t every do is look at them when writing. Case in point; you’re reading paragraph 4 and I haven’t looked at my notes on notes yet. To be fair on me, that’s not the point of this particular piece. I want to stream of consciousness explore what’s working and not working for me without delving into solutions. But, have I written something similar before? I haven’t looked.

Map of content need further work. Something like Blogging which I worked on yesterday feels much more right than Photography which is not much more than a list of links. Useful in one way, not in another. This also points out my next problem. Tags are not knowledge and though I am moving away from tags and using a page instead I can’t be sure if that page is a MOC, about the topic or something else. For example, does a page titled Philosophy describe philosophy or collate notes on philosophy. I could create a Philosophy MOC page alongside Philosophy and maybe I need to. To be explored through some more Digital Gardening. If I have been using “Philosophy” inline and I change it to “Philosophy MOC” comprehension gets slammed sideways.

I underutilise Obsidian’s Canvas plugin for visual connection of notes. The Maps of Content method no one is talking about (VMOCs) - YouTube makes a good case for using it as Maps of Content. I hadn’t made that obvious connection although I often whiteboard ideas for that very same purpose.

Notes vs blogging - This I may be close to finally sorting out. Notes are knowledge, representing what I’ve shared. Blogs are the process towards that knowledge and result in writing such as this. They may precipitate a later note of distilled learning.


  • Clean out the collection of Omnivore articles I saved for a rainy day
  • Never save an article from Omnivore without a No Ma Method note
  • Resolve the issue with tag note and MOC pages (they are the same in may ways)
    • then, replace tags with the right solution

Other actions

  • Revisit landscapes. There are a couple that are sailing too close to one another. Using Johnny.Decimal principles, if can’t decide which to choose, something is unclear in the underlying structure.
  • Potentially add a [blog][/blog] related landscape or other way to mark blog entries clearly
  • Potentially add the blog date programmatically to the index page titles entries and order them accordingly