quantumgardener.info is cookie and tracker free.

I know nothing identifiable about any visitor to the site.

The domains quantumgardener.info and quantumgardener.blog are both hosted on Cloudflare and because of that basic information is recorded. The .blog domain maps directly to the .info domain and can be considered the same.

These [Cloudflare] metrics include legitimate user requests as well as crawlers and threats. The Traffic tab features the following panels:

Web Traffic - Displays metrics for Requests, Bandwidth, Unique Visitors, and Status Codes.

Web Traffic Requests by Country - Is an interactive map that breaks down the number of requests by country. This panel also includes a data table for Top Traffic Countries / Regions that display the countries with the most number of requests (up to five, if the data exists).

Zone Analytics · Cloudflare Analytics docs

This information is rolled up to totals and there is no way for me to see any individual user’s visit. The only way would be if they accessed the site from a country with a population of one!

However, I may change this in the future and have considered using the Plausible Analytics platform as this would allow me to get useful analytics on which pages are being visited without capturing any identifiable information about the visitor1.

If I do make a change to begin using Plausible, it will be posted on this site’s blog feed. You can subscribe at https://quantumgardener.info/feed/.


  1. This is described in full at Plausible: Privacy focused Google Analytics alternative | Plausible Analytics.