The Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI) is an average measure of how many times you have a full or partial loss of breath for more than 10 seconds. It’s not hard to imagine this is not a good thing if it occurs too often. We all know that sleep is very important to our health.

My recent sleep study resulted in a AHI value of 45.1. I knew I was constantly tired, and have been feeling the negative impacts for too long. I would never have imagined that on average I stop breathing for at least 7.5 minutes per HOUR!

Tonight I start trialling a CPAP machine. It will deliver a constant air pressure into my airways to keep them unobstructed. It’s a little intimidating yet at the same time comforting. Once my clinician and I get the numbers dialled in, good quality sleep will return and I won’t feel so horrible all the time.

Some of my symptoms are:

  • constantly tired
  • fogginess in my thinking by mid-afternoon (at best)
  • irritability
  • overall poor health

The thing about snoring is, I’m asleep. I can’t know how bad it is. If you think your snoring is worsening, or your partner says it is, don’t dismiss it from simply being overweight, stressed, overworked etc. Get to your GP, order a sleep study and follow it through.

The first night with a CPAP machine worked well. After an hour I felt like I couldn’t breathe so took it off, but then around 3am I started again and it was better.

Numbers are great. Apnea-Hypopnea Index was 5 overnight – significantly down from 45.1.

Felt more alert today. Still tired, but not as weary.