I’m a couple of chapters into “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek and he’s already solved a problem I’ve been pondering. Well, not so much pondering as noting with curiosity. That is, why I love my new Macbook Pro.

For years I’ve been a user of PC’s. Until July last year I’d never used a Macintosh ‘in anger’ and the last time I sat at one was in the mid-80’s. My path ‘to the white’ as it’s called was via a product called Omnifocus and what it did for my Getting Things Done approach on the iPhone and iPad. I didn’t buy a Macbook Pro because I was an Apple convert. I bought it because it ran Omnifocus. Sometimes that’s why buying decisions are made.

Six months on and I will tell you I like the Macintosh better than a PC but I won’t say it’s because of technical superiority, speed, form factor etc. That would be like so many futile ‘us-v-them’ arguments that have gone before. I like the Macintosh better “because it works with me, not against me.” I’m still a PC user. The image management software I use runs on Windows only.

Back to Simon Sinek. His suggestion is I like my laptop better because it fits my idea of what a computer should be. That it could be worse than a PC is immaterial. Chrome is what I think a browser should. My iPhone is what I think a PDA should be. That red wine fits my idea of what a red wine should be. Carlsberg beer…and so on.

Keeping this attitude in mind breeds tolerance. Thanks to Simon I have some concise words to share it with.