A game where I get to play as a cat.

With 2 cats in the house, have to say it’s animated very realistically.

Catinum Trophy

I have the Platinum Trophy on Stray. It took an effective three play throughs.

I finished the main story a little over a week ago and have spent a couple of evenings and some time today cleaning up the remainder of the trophies.

I enjoyed the trophy cleanup more than the game. That is mostly because my first play through was a stop-gap fill between God of War Ragnarök and Forspoken. I was also able to hoon around my little kitty-cat faster than when trying to solve puzzles.

The last trophy was a speed run. Two hours to complete the game. I finished with just 6m 39s remaining on the clock.


Stray is my 11th Platinum trophy1 and the second this year. Trophy names are usually puns and many of the Stray trophies are. They missed out by calling the last “All Done” and not “Catinum”.


  1. Ghost of Tsushima was first achieved on the PlayStation 4 and then it popped on the PlayStation 5 as well so I don’t count that amongst the 11.