Earlier this week I received notice mastondon.au was being shut down (since taken over by someone else so staying). That lead me to thinking:

  1. Am I now on the best Mastodon server I can be (aus.social)?
  2. Should I stand-up my own server?
    1. Hosted and I have to pay for it?
    2. Self-hosted and I can I deal with all I have to learn?
  3. Should I return to mastodon.au?

Then today, something similar with bookwyrm as an alternative to Goodreads. Same/similar questions.

Both sets of questions rooted in the same problem. A tendency to chase rabbits down holes and get in deeper than I should. Really, I should just be walking past the hole and leaving the rabbits to their lives.

Technology will easily trap you into chasing the latest and greatest update, features etc. Marketing doesn’t help but there is more than that. The fear of missing out. Chasing perfection. Not taking the time to realise what you have is enough and stopping there.

I don’t need another rabbit in my life. Why chase one?