Around this time each year people start to say how the Christmas/New Year break is just what they need as a holiday.

This year it’s different. Everyone I speak too who is working is completely tapped out mentally. It isn’t the usual “end of year” slowdown, but something deeper.

I’m not sure a couple of week’s break is going to be enough.

The impact of Covid hit most of us from early 2020. That is almost 3 years ago. Yet, everyone I know who has had Covid has had it in 2022. The imminent danger disappeared. The impact hasn’t. For many, this doesn’t yet feel like Christmas should and our sense of time in the year is off. We’re discussing openly not just that we are tired, but that we are mentally exhausted and feeling the symptoms of that (a good thing to acknowledge by the way).

If you get a break this Christmas, please take decisive steps to take care of your self. If you need a break and can’t get one, do whatever you can.