A Different Audience

I am the primary audience of my Digital Garden. When I’m blogging, the audience is primarily an external reader. Writing for myself means I’m happy leaving something half-baked knowing I may come back it later. When I blogged, there was a different pressure and everything needed to be done before publishing.

The Importance of Dates

In a digital garden, dates are not as important as they are for a blog and I wrote about this in My Decision to Stop Blogging.

Updates or Parts

When something changed in reference to a pre-existing blog entry, I would usually write another blog entry, and refer the original to the second, possibly with “For the latest information please see…” In my mind there wasn’t an option to significantly update or replace the content of the original.

Compounding this is the use of RSS feeds to publish the content. Changes to earlier posts don’t hit the RSS feed so a new blog was mandated if I wanted it to be seen.

Conversely, the ethos of a digital garden is to learn in public. Learning involves revision and so modifying an existing note is par for the course. Already I’ve combined several previous blog posts into a single entry a couple of times.