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  • Mastodon is Broken. There are no Ads.

    Clearly Mastodon is broken as a social media platform 😄 PlatformConstant nagging adsFacebookYesTwitterXYesInstagramYesYouTubreYesMastodon (and other Fediverse platforms)NO 🎉 And it gets worse. The lack of ads make it possible to actually read what other people are writing. Even to respond back and forth to each other.

    • Mastodon is dead. Long live Mastodon.

      The first I knew was an email saying my $5 donation to running the mastodon.au server was refunded. I inquired to be told the server was scheduled for shutdown in 3 months. I’d have been happy for the moderators to keep the money, but that’s the nature of Mastodon over Twitter. One refunds the money, the other wouldn’t even tell you it was turned off.