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  • Discovering Johnny.Decimal

    This evening I’ve been reading through the documentation on the Johnny.Decimal system. It’s a method for organising documentation across multiple areas and categories. It’s not the only system of this type. I’ve looked at, and tried quite a few. As times and tools change, organisation structures change with them.

    • Cleaning TV Rubbish Out of the Garden

      This morning I looked at my Obsidian graph and saw an entry for The Crown that had a lot of missing notes attached to it. I’ve not written any notes about The Crown so it should not have shown prominently in the graph. It turns out that I had inadventently broken my rule of Don’t Duplicate Public Knowledge.

      • Getting Things Done with Obsidian

        This article is about how I have implemented the Getting Things Done Methodology (GTD) within the Obsidian note taking application. It is not commentary on how to follow the GTD methodology, nor will it necessarily reflect the methodology in its pure form^[Those familiar with GTD no there is no such thing as a pure implementation.

      • Roam Research

        Roam Research is a note-taking tool that gained significantly in popularity by word-of-mouth in 2020. The key benefit comes from the way it treats blocks of text and Backlinks are Important. https://roamresearch.com In January 2021 I moved from Roam to Obsidian. Training resources I found useful https://www.

      • Adventures in Metadata

        I’ve been wanting to document and share my photography workflow — from camera to archive — for a few weeks now. The introduction of Adobe Lightroom into my workflow recently has meant a delay which has ultimate turned out for the best. I’ve changed my workflow significantly several times over the last few weeks as I manage two applications that do similar, complementary, yet quite different functions.

      • Looking into Logseq

        Logseq has been appearing a lot in my Mastodon feed lately. Many sing its praises over Obsidian so with a slow afternoon at work yesterday I thought to take a look. My first impression is that Logseq is the offline version of Roam Research; the tool I used before migrating to Obsidian. The biggest issue I had with Roam was the storage of everything online via the browser.

      • My Fight With Metadata

        For the last 2 weeks I’ve been working with metadata and the information that I want to track in Obsidian. As my digital garden, keeping information about the books I read, the movies I watch and the games I play, creates a full picture of my life (hey, maybe one day someone will be interested). Two factors triggered this latest dive into an all to familiar rabbit hole.

      • I’m Replacing Instapaper With Omnivore

        I have been an Instapaper user for many years. From the time it was free, to paid, and then free and paid. For a while I was feeding Instapaper articles through Readwise to Obsidian. I couldn’t get Readwise to pull in comments from Instapaper articles that I’d archived. From memory I’m not even sure it could see them.

      • My Document Toolkit

        I curate a lot of digital documentation for myself and my family. It is important to remove as much friction from the system. There are so many demands on our time, that the smallest resistance can easily provide an excuse to switch on Australian Idol or Survivor and do nothing. At the moment I’m in one of those rare golden-ages where the tools I have at my disposal are working for me.

      • Why Have All the Backups Failed?

        I woke this morning to a slew of emails informing me of backups that had failed due to insufficient space on the target drive. Why had they all failed? Well, it was because one had succeeded. I use Macrium Reflect to image the main home PC each night. One the first day of the month a full backup is taken and throughout the month there is a rolling series of differential and incremental backups.

      • Backlinks are Important

        Backlinks are links on a web page/note that list other web pages/notes which refer to it. Within my digital garden, backlinks are critical in making connections between ideas. They are important because content does not always flow in one direction and knowing what links to a particular page can create a more informative context or open up new avenues of learning.

        • Transplanting my Brain to Roam to Obsidian

          In mid-2020 I was introduced to the exciting new note-taking application Roam Research and I transferred my notes and tasks into the database, making use of the powerful backlinking and cross-referencing features of the database. Prior to that I had been using a mix of TheBrain (notes and links), Omnifocus (tasks and projects) and OneNote (mobile and synced notes).