These are the tags I apply to Journal entries. They are a means of quickly bringing related entries together so that I can see themes. Journals can have more than one tag.

I'm slowly working through all past entries checking they are correctly tagged and doing things like adding a photo when I know there is one of relevance.

This tag…means
#journal/bloggedAn entry that has been blogged at sometime in the past.
#journal/DK-diaryAn entry from the diary I kept when a student on Exchange to Denmark.
#journal/entryApplied by template to all journal entries
#journal/eventA major life event.
#journal/family-[x]Related to time spent with one of 3 Danish families when on Exchange to Denmark.
#journal/goalsAn entry considers things I want to accomplish.
#journal/gratefulAn entry where I give thanks.
#journal/happeningsAn entry general or specific account of events. Not as big as an event.
#journal/insightsI had a great idea or realisation.
#journal/learningsThings I learned and lessons lived.
#journal/memoriesSpecial moments from life - a look, a smile, a hug, a laugh.
#journal/nowAn entry that became a “Now” page
#journal/photosAn entry with one or more photos attached.
#journal/psycheConverstation about my mindset at this point in time
#journal/reactionsI am freaking out about something that I want to be different.
#journal/sufferingsmoments that I am not present, worrying or looping in my head about something.
#journal/travelAn entry describing a day when travelling (including day trips). Can have sub-tags for specific trips.
#journal/UK-diaryAn entry from our UK 1999-2000 trip.
#journal/writeA specific type of journal entry in the form of Proprioceptive Writing.