An Obsidian to website publishing system that allows me to publish directly out of my Digital garden and so retain the benefits of a single, frictionless workflow. The GitHub source is at

The Quantum Garden moved to Quartz in September 2023.

Folder Structure

flowchart TD
    A["/"] --> B(fa:fa-note-sticky notes)
    A --> C(fa:fa-square-rss blog)
    A --> F(fa:fa-mountain-sun landscapes)
    A --> D(fa:fa-lock assets)
    A --> G(fa:fa-lock management)
  • notes is the folder where most of the garden’s content is kept.
  • blog holds transitional notes, relevant only to a point in time.
  • landscapes is the index of all landscapes.
  • assets holds supporting images and attachments and is not publicly accessible.
  • Management holds notes I use to support the site and requires Obsidian as queries are used. It’s convenient to have them all together with the other notes.

Customisations for The Quantum Garden

The modifications I’ve made from the original codebase are listed below with the file(s) where the change has been made. You’re more than welcome to view them in-situ at the site’s Github repository. The majority are to support Designing The Quantum Garden and others are purely informational/cosmetic.

Generate RSS for only certain pages

By default Quartz 4 considers every page for RSS inclusion in the Blog. That doesn’t suit the way I write and use content. Some is reference, other is commentary and there is too much reference material to blog it. I’ve modified the RSS generation to only include files in the /blog folder.

  • quartz\plugins\emitters\contentIndex.ts
    • Code in feed location, copyright year from start to dynamic current year and filter for only files that start with rssRootFolder
    • Set
  • \quartz.config.ts
    • to set up RSS and pass through the root folder “blog” - look at Plugin.ContentIndex emitter parameters.
    • includeEmptyFiles is set to False so that the year and month index files are not included in the RSS feed

I believe it’s poor design to link to any pages that I can know don’t exist.

  • \quartz\plugins\transformers\ofm.ts

Hide Tags From the Graph View

At this stage of the garden’s development this hides the fact that many pages are not as inter-linked as they should be.

  • \quartz.layout.ts

For future proofing as mixed case URLs only cause problems when page names change.

  • \quartz\plugins\transformers\ofm.ts
  • \quartz\util\path.ts

There is also a custom rule applied to Cloudflare to convert all incoming URLs to lower case for any off-site references except if the file is /static/contentIndex.json as that breaks Search.

Hide Folder Structure

The folder structure behind the site doesn’t add as much value as good writing and linking.

  • \quartz.layout.ts

Save me some work for any new social links in the footer. Solving for this change improved my Javascript knowledge.

  • \quartz\components\Footer.tsx
  • \quartz.layout.ts

Format Dates to my Liking

Some small configuration options. Note that dates are no longer being shown as part of Designing The Quantum Garden.

  • \quartz\components\Date.tsx

Display .webp images

Include images for the new compressed web image format.

  • \quartz\plugins\transformers\ofm.ts

Display tags with a icon rather than a #

  • \quartz\components\PageLiist.tsx
  • \quartz\components\TagList.tsx

Tag Pages List Their Tags

Tag pages can themselves be tagged and show the list of their tags.

  • \quartz\components\pages\TagContent.tsx

Tag Pages Hide Their Tag Name from Linked Items

If you are on a tag page, the list of notes with that tag no longer display the name of the page itself. It’s completely redundant information.

  • \quartz\components\PageLiist.tsx

Landscape Index pages

Add pages to index all notes within one or more Landscapes.

  • \quartz\quartz.config.ts
  • \quartz\components\index.ts
  • \quartz\components\ContentMeta.tsx
  • \quartz\components\pages\LandscapeContent.tsx
  • \quartz\plugins\emitters\index.ts
  • \quartz\plugins\emmiters\landscapePage.tsx
  • \quartz\plugins\transformers\frontmatter.ts

Change tags folder to topics folder

I prefer topics over tags. Possibly could have done this with a site redirect, but I like this way better. Fixes it at the root.

  • \quartz\components\Explorer.tsx
  • \quartz\components\PageList.tsx
  • \quartz\components\RecentNotes.tsx
  • \quartz\components\TagList.tsx
  • \quartz\components\pages\LandscapeContent.tsx
  • \quartz\components\pages\TagContent.tsx
  • \quartz\components\scripts\graph.inline.ts
  • \quartz\plugins\emitters\folderPage.tsx
  • \quartz\plugins\emitters\tagPage.tsx
  • \quartz\plugins\transformers\ofm.ts
  • \quartz\util\path.test.ts

Replace topic indicator for topics that don’t have a dedicated note

The default is to say “Topic: abcd”. Now the FontAwesome Message icon is displayed instead, and throughout the site for all topic labels.

  • \quartz\components\Articles.tsx
  • \quartz\components\PageList.tsx
  • \quartz\components\TagList.tsx
  • \quartz\components\pages\LandscapeContent.tsx
  • \quartz\components\pages\TagContent.tsx

Removal of growth status for pages


As of 2024-05-25, I have disabled the display of maturity levels on posts and will no longer be applying a growth property to source notes within Obsidian . I don’t find them useful myself, so I suspect any reader - who is a further degree away from the content than I am - will not find them useful either. See The value of growth maturity in a digital garden is marginal.

My original Mastodon post outlining my thoughts

My pkm system in Obsidian and the flow onwards to my website use seedling, budding and evergreen markers to indicate a note’s maturity.

ore it starts as evergreen and I find it’s obvious if something is a seedling or not - so the marker doesn’t help much. Usually, if there is a note in progress I’ll mark it clearly as such anyway.

After a few days thinking I’ve decided to remove the cognitive overhead of seedling, budding and evergreen. They add zero value to me and I would be surprised if anyone who visits my site looks at them with more than a care factor of zero.

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