By convention, as there is no way to enforce this, the properties added to file should be in this order. As I read them, this puts the most important information at the top.

RankNameCommentMultiple Values
1.aliasesNote link aliases within Obsidian.Y
2.css-classesNote formatting changes within Obsidian.Y
3.tagsNote tags. See Tag Guidelines.Y
4.titleAlternative page title. Used when filename does not allow wanted characters.N
5.JD-AreaA Johnny.Decimal area.N
6.JD-CategoryA Johnny.Decimal category. Must be paired with JD-Storage.N
7.JD-StorageLists locations where notes in the Johnny.Decimal system are stored. Must be paired with JD-Category.Y
8JD-IDA Johnny.Decimal ID.N
9landscapesFor published pages, which Landscapes the note belongs to.Y
10dateOriginal online publication date.N
11growthFor published notes, the current growth level. One of Seedling, Budding, or Evergreen.N
12publishDateCurrently used as a modified date for published notes.N
13descriptionFor published pages, a description to override the automatically generated excerpt.N