I love to read, and I read a lot. In recent years however I’ve come to recognise the value in audiobooks as well. I normally only listen to audiobooks of authors I like, or books I’ve read before. There is too much time investment to do otherwise. A 1,000-page book is 40-50 hours.

Audiobooks tell the same story at a slower pace and so it’s quite a different experience. With books that I’ve read before, I pick up completely different ideas. Yes, I know that can happen anyway, but my sense is because it’s the speed of the telling and the use of different voices that makes the difference here.

Some are better as audiobooks. I can’t imagine reading George R. R. Martin’s Fire & Blood. It’s too dry a history. Expertly narrated by Simon Vance it’s an engaging experience.

I listen when walking and driving. Audiobooks (and podcasts) keep me engaged on long trips whereas music can tend to put me to sleep. Not advisable when driving.