Standing on the edge of the garden you can see several intriguing landscapes spread out in front of you. Where shall we head?

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Expand My Way of Being

My Way of Being is more than the behaviour I show. It’s the total sum of how I engage with the world, make meaning from my environment and take action. Expanding my Way of Being by being a learner in the world creates new possibilities for me to move forward in life.

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  • My First Steps as a Philosopher

    Whenever I’m asked what I would do if I didn’t have to work, I’ve answered, “I’d be a philosopher.” Those who know me nod in agreement and don’t question it. Although I know deeply intuitively this it the correct answer, I haven’t been able to articulate why. My Mission Statement defines me as a scholar of life seeking wisdom.

  • Trek to Yomi

    Artistic, black and white, side-scrolling, button-mashing, samurai fighter. Short at about 5 hours to play. That’s enough. Here’s a screeshot. .

  • Ontological Shift

    A long lasting change in someone’s Way of Being.

  • R U OK at Christmas?

    I posted this to my work colleagues in December 2022. It was as much for me to set myself up for a break as it was for others. My 18 Days Until I Can Fully Rest was something I directed at myself. Then, in February 2023 I had time off due to burnout. Day 1 - Permission This is the first in a series of posts leading up to the Christmas Break designed to help you get the most of your time out of the office.

  • Astronomy Connects Me With a Greater Sense of Self

    There is something special about looking up at the planets, stars and galaxies and the sense of purpose and humility it engenders within me. It is spiritual. Never do I feel so connected as I do when I turn my mind to the vastness of space.

  • Business has a soul

    A business has a soul just as people do. Souls on a plane. Should we ask how many souls rather than employees work in a business?.

  • Combinational Creativity

    Metadata:#note-making#LYT#media/streaming/video presenter:: Nick Milo, Anne-Laure Le Cunff url:: Anne-Laure Le Cunff came to the field through discovering the Generation Effect. Creativity does not come from a muse. It all comes from combining pre-existing ideas.

  • The Map is Not the Terrritory

    This concept is an attempt to get people to remember there is more than just the map. Yet, maps show relationships. In the case of a road map, it’s the relationships between A and B and importantly how to get there. Concept Mapping and Maps of Content do the same thing. Provide an abstraction level across the territory of knowledge.

  • The Five Love Languages

    The Five Love Languages is a model that says we have a preference for how we mark love as received and how we prefer to show our love to others. The languages are: Words of Affirmation Gift Giving Acts of Service Physical Touch Quality Time Relationships may break down when two people show their love in a language that is not preferred by the other.

  • My Mission Statement

    The behaviour and decisions in my life are made in accordance with this mission statement; the essence of which is grounded in the principles of truth, beauty, goodness and unity. I help people take powerful action to enrich their lives. I am responsible for my feelings, attitude and actions at all times.

Hobby Together

Here’s where I share my progress on whatever project currently takes my fancy, plus any relevant discussion on supporting technologies.

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  • Photography

    My interests are Astrophotography, Landscape Photography and Panoramas. Digital Asset Management My Photo Dating Strategy Equipment My Photography Gear My Camera History Resources My Photography Teachers The Goldfields Track - A bike ride in Buninyong, Victoria Map of Public Land Color Filters for Black-and-White Photography: A Complete Guide | PetaPixel Shutter Speed Cheat Sheet.

  • Astronomy

    There are two aspects to my astronomy hobbying. Direct visual observation using my Celestron SkyMaster 20x80 Binoculars and Astrophotography.

  • Astrophotography

    For sure this page is a bit of a mess. Instructional guides Astrophotography 101: A Lesson Series on Photographing the Milky Way – Lonely Speck - large MOC with multiple articles to work through on all topics Planning Light Pollution Light Pollution Map for Bendigo - I have this app on my mobile phone.

  • A Plague Tale: Innocence

    Synopsis In A Plague Tale: Innocence you play Amicia, a teenage girl who goes on a journey to save her little brother Hugo from an unknown affliction and the power hungry Church. It’s a supernatural story set against the background of 14th Century France. Review When a game’s name keeps popping up over time, that is usually a sign it’s worth playing and I’m very glad I listened to that advice.

  • Astro's Playroom

    A great little PlayStation 5 game that really showed off what the system and new controller could do. Fastest Platinum Trophy I’ve ever completed.

  • Donkey Kong Jr.

    This has to go down as my first computer game. A perfect Christmas present when Game and Watch devices were all the rage. Craig and Jamie got a game as well. I always thought mine was the best. At 999 points the game started again, but faster. This was called “clocking it”. My best was to clock it 3 times in the one game.

  • Maquette

    Maquette is a recursive puzzle game was free as part of March 2021’s PlayStation Plus game subscription. It was clear right from the start this game has somethng unique to offer - starting with a song and teasers about a relationship. At present the story is involving me in recollections about the initial stage of the relationship.

  • Completed Things

    Computer Games A list of computer games I’ve completed, added to as I complete them (which is pretty rare I must say compared to some people but which did have a decided uplift during COVID-19 lockdown in 2020). “Completion” means playing through the main story line but for some games, they are not possible to complete so if I’ve played what I think is a sufficient amount, they are listed here.

  • Completed Things

    I’m in the middle of this. More thoughts to come.

  • Completed Things

    Definitely going to get to this one day.

Productive Laziness

There is art in doing as much as possible, as easily as possible and that’s what I call being productive lazy. It’s the term I use to describe my approach of doing as much as possible with as little effort as possible and applies particularly to repetitive tasks where I want them done quickly and without having to think too much.

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  • Discovering Johnny.Decimal

    This evening I’ve been reading through the documentation on the Johnny.Decimal system. It’s a method for organising documentation across multiple areas and categories. It’s not the only system of this type. I’ve looked at, and tried quite a few. As times and tools change, organisation structures change with them.

  • Getting Things Done with Obsidian

    This article is about how I have implemented the Getting Things Done Methodology (GTD) within the Obsidian note taking application. It is not commentary on how to follow the GTD methodology, nor will it necessarily reflect the methodology in its pure form^[Those familiar with GTD no there is no such thing as a pure implementation.

  • Generation Effect

    This reminds me of the common theme I’ve heard from Personal Knowledge Management over the last 2 years. That is, make notes in your own words. Research has shown you remember better your own notes. I’ve experienced that this week in how I’ve slowly approached Ontology of the Human Observer and created my own definitions.

  • Scripting Templates in Obsidian

    Here be some dragons. This is a quick post to explain how Javascript can be used eliminate the need to update multiple pages if the structure of your metadata changes. Using Javascript comes with risks. Enter at your own peril. dd Within Obsidian, the combination of the Dataview and Templater plugins can make for a powerful way to access and organise your notes using metadata.

  • Sure Doesn't Feel Like a Year Off

    Monday will be the first King’s Birthday public holiday. It’s not feeling like a typical long weekend for me. Maybe I’ve had too many public holidays and they are all the same. That got me thinking… From the start of my professional working career up until 2013, I had 10 public holidays a year. From 2014, that increased to 11.

  • My Fight With Metadata

    For the last 2 weeks I’ve been working with metadata and the information that I want to track in Obsidian. As my digital garden, keeping information about the books I read, the movies I watch and the games I play, creates a full picture of my life (hey, maybe one day someone will be interested). Two factors triggered this latest dive into an all to familiar rabbit hole.

  • My Document Toolkit

    I curate a lot of digital documentation for myself and my family. It is important to remove as much friction from the system. There are so many demands on our time, that the smallest resistance can easily provide an excuse to switch on Australian Idol or Survivor and do nothing. At the moment I’m in one of those rare golden-ages where the tools I have at my disposal are working for me.

  • Alternative Day Names to Save Time

    My proposed list of alternative day names to help us organise time easier and avoid confusion across the week.

    • RSS Remains an Important Technology

      I’ve written several times over the past 20 years that RSS feeds are important yet can be a hinderance as much as a help. RSS Gathers News and Audio to Me I use them extensively in my news reader (currently News Explorer) to go out to websites that offer a RSS feed and pull the news to me. I don’t have the time to visit every site and see if there is something new to read.

    • Workflow for Importing my Old Blog Entries

      Since discovering my old blog entries I’ve been developing a workflow to import them into my current Wordpress blog. Spanning 2002–2012 there is value in bringing it all together, even if it takes some time. There are a lot of ideas in there which were valuable at the time, and are still valuable now.

    Quantum OS

    This is my operating system which in no way suggests I am a computer. Rather, it is a set of notes that describe the rules and standards I have determined are best to manage my digital information as I see fit.

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    • My Photo Dating Strategy

      Digital photos have the date and time taken embedded. Scanned prints, negatives and slides do not. This is a problem when the original non-digital image is scanned and there is no record alongside it of the date the photo was made. Digital Asset Management software such as IMatch or Lightroom requires a date.

    • My Backup Strategy

      I value backups of my data and systems. Having them means a level of security if something is lost, damaged, hacked, breaks. I may be over-compensating in some areas with multiple on-site and off-site backups. Where I do that, I’m also considering the other aspect of backups which is speed of restoration.

    • From Camera to Digital Asset Management

      This is the first of a series of articles I plan to write on how I take a photo or movie shot on a camera right through to archive with full metadata for future family historical purposes. My role in all this, apart from enjoying photograph myself, is to be the curator of photos for my family. Throughout the process my goal is to keep the original image in as pristine condition as possible and to only rename it or add metadata in a non-destructive manner.

    • Ingest Raw Photos

      Currently a placeholder as I work out how to get the flowchart on From Camera to Digital Asset Management linking properly. See also RAW Photo Developing.

    • Don't Duplicate Public Knowledge

      Within a Digital Garden it’s very easy to get caught in the trap of duplicating public knowledge that can be found elsewhere, or is otherwise known. For example, The Lord of the Rings is made up of Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King. There is no benefit in me re-creating that structure here.

    • How I Apply Ratings

      There are as many systems to apply ratings as there are things which can be rated. Ratings are applied as keywords beginning with #rating/ Anything can be rated. This Digital Garden uses a 5-star scale applied as follows: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ — Life defining. Part of my identity. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ — I am certain to recommend this enthusiastically to people I think would be interested.

      • An Observational Blogger

        I’m primarily an observational blogger. Throughout the day I’ll notice something and think, “I wonder if that’s an example of…” and I’ll use it as the prompt to share what I’ve observed. There are three reasons for this. Writing helps my solidify my observations Observing helps be become better at understanding what’s working for me and what isn’t It prompts thinking in other readers such as yourself.

      The Garden Shed

      Every garden needs a good shed, full of the right tools to make it flourish.

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      • calibre-web

        calibre-web provides a web interface into Calibre. I prefer it for quickly reviewing my library and marking books as read. This software is installed on my Synology DiskStation DS920+.

      • Calibre

        Calibre is a cross-platform eBook management tool. It allows you to manage the metadata present in your eBooks. I use Calibre because Digital Rights Management is Unhealthy and share the database with calibre-web because I like its interface better.

      • My Backup Strategy

        I value backups of my data and systems. Having them means a level of security if something is lost, damaged, hacked, breaks. I may be over-compensating in some areas with multiple on-site and off-site backups. Where I do that, I’m also considering the other aspect of backups which is speed of restoration.

      • A Font of Google Fonts

        Instructions on how I added Google Fonts to Obsidian Publish.

      • Digital Rights Management is Unhealthy

        I read an article many years ago, that I can no longer find, which discussed the fear of blank videotape and how it would destroy the home-video market. Instead it created a market that was of a size unforeseen. Bottom line, digital rights management (DRM) is more of a hindrance than a protector. Amazon and Kindle Books DRM Books purchased through Amazon are protected against copying and distribution by a level of digital rights management that can no longer be bypassed.

      • The Nightclub Model of Privacy

        Too many businesses collect personal information from individuals for their benefit. Under the guise of “providing better service” private data is held, often insecurely, well beyond it’s need. If it was ever really needed at all. I’d like to see business subscribe to the “Nightclub Model of Privacy”.

      • Designing The Quantum Garden

        Background I have referred to my personal knowledge management system as a Digital Garden for several years now and it makes sense this online presence reflects that. Originally I used the term to mean tending the noise of digital records, but have now moved towards a place for the growing of ideas.

        • Obsidian

          Obsidian is primarily a note-taking tool that uses Markdown files for speed and flexibility. The official site is Within Obsidian I document and link: Personal journal entries Digital Garden notes My consumption of books, movies and TV shows This website is published directly from Obsidian using Quartz 4.

        • Quartz 4

          Overview of how I use Quartz to display this digital garden. Includes a list of customisations I've made.

        • Wordpress to Quartz

          For the last year or so I’ve been publishing my blog on Wordpress. I began using to write in Markdown and publish to Wordpress, then about March this year I started publishing directly from Obsidian. Either way, there was practical and cognitive friction in the process. Multiple steps to go though, and writing was sitting somewhat external to Obsidian.