This morning I looked at my Obsidian graph and saw an entry for The Crown that had a lot of missing notes attached to it. I’ve not written any notes about The Crown so it should not have shown prominently in the graph.

It turns out that I had inadventently broken my rule of Don’t Duplicate Public Knowledge. A script I have that pulls in information about a TV series was including the full list of actors as outbound links and this is what threw off the graph.

I’ve since cleaned out all the TV series and removed:

  • Publication Year
  • Seasons
  • Cast
  • List of Episdoes

The list of episodes was presented as tasks and I could tick off each as I watched it. This wasted time on 2 levels. Firstly, the place where I watch an episode tracks that for me, and secondly, if there is a later series added I either have to regenerate the page to type up the list of episodes.

I have kept the individual notes for TV shows even though most at this point are just a thumbnail, rating and watched status. I’ll revisit them and add some thoughts about why I watched them, especially for a Completed TV Series.

It’s easy to expand too much when using digital tools. Now onwards to find the next place I’ve done the same i.e., movies.